Why everyone on LinkedIn posting about #chatGPT, is it a new trend or really amazing innovation ? #linkedin #trends2023

ყველაფერი ChatGPT-ს შესახებ

2022 წლის მიწურულს შეიქმნა ChatGPT 3.5, რომელშიც შესულია 2021 წლამდე მონაცემები.

2023 წელს გამოვიდა განახლებული ვერსია – GPT-4 is OpenAI’s most advanced system, producing safer and more useful responses

People have already started building awesome apps on top of #ChatGPT

Here are 10 use cases:

1. Connect your ChatGPT with your Whatsapp.
Link: http://bit.ly/3ZfmyzC

2. ChatGPT Writer : It use ChatGPT to generate emails or replies based on your prompt!
Link: http://bit.ly/3vGB3if

3. WebChatGPT: WebChatGPT ( http://bit.ly/3CsA210) gives you relevant results from the web!

4. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT: It generate text summaries of any YouTube video!
Link: http://bit.ly/3QhismB

5. TweetGPT: It uses ChatGPT to write your tweets, reply, comment, etc.
Link: http://bit.ly/3k0vOY4

6. Search GPT: It display the ChatGPT response alongside Google Search results
Link: http://bit.ly/3X8GySx

7. ChatGPT or all search engines: You can now view ChatGPT responses on Google and Bing!
Link: http://bit.ly/3QlH2Tl

8. Save all your Prompts?: The `ChatGPT History` extension has you covered!
Link: http://bit.ly/3ijtDP8

9. Remake a video: Just pick a video you liked and visit https://lnkd.in/e_GD2reT to get its transcript. Once done, bring that back to Chat GPT and tell it to summarize the transcript. Read the summary and make a video on that yourself.

10. Search what people are Prompting with FlowGPT
Link: https://flowgpt.com

შეცვლის თუ არა CHATGPT პლატფორმა Googles-ს?


ChatGPT-ს გამოყენება უამრავ რამეში შეიძლება.



Built-in Patterns

ტექსტის დამუშავება


ChatGPT-ს გამოყენება უამრავ რამეში შეიძლება.


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